So how does Class Republic work?

So how is it going to work? you might wonder.

There are over 7000 official qualifications in New Zealand. Are we going to build a social platform for every one of them?

Yep. That is exactly it. Little by little. One step at a time.

But the first step, which we are almost done with, is to create a massive catalogue of courses and qualifications in New Zealand. That is the core around which everything else is going to be built.

Not only will our catalogue contain all official qualifications in New Zealand (thanks NZQA, we really appreciate your help!), we have also added information about the exact campus at which the  qualification is provided and how much it costs.

To make sure that the information is correct, we will be getting regular updates about all official qualifications from the NZQA. One of us will also be working full time on making sure that the data is the best data available in New Zealand.

Also, if there is anything in particular you would like us to add, let us know and we will do our best to add it.

The second, third and fourth step is going to add on helpful social capabilities, so that students can connect with each other and the communities that they are part of.

Our vision is, basically, a massive community of student communities. And our mission is to create the tools necessary to make that happen.

If you follow us on twitter or facebook, we will let you know whenever anything new happens.


But, why? Do we really need another social media site?

OK, true. Point taken.

But the thing is this. Almost a third of all bachelor students never finish their degree.*

Imagine that in any other market.

Imagine, for example, that every third car  bought was abandoned without ever being used. Or that every third house built was never lived in.

Or that – to take something that really matters – every third beer ever ordered was poured down the drain?

For good reasons, there would be no end to the outrage. So somehow we need to help students make more informed educational choices. And that is our mission.

*See Radloff (2011) for a collection of studies on student engagement and retention.

So, why are students jumping ship?

While some people might think it is because students cannot be bothered, we believe the opposite: That students drop out because they actually do care about what they are doing, and are looking for something more rewarding to do with their time.

The problem, we think, is that students don’t really know what they are choosing, when they are choosing where and what to study.

Think about it. Today most students have more information about which books to buy (amazon reviews…), or movie to see (rotten tomatoes, anyone?) than about which official qualification to enrol in.


Who’s running the Class Republic?

Class Republic is the collaborative effort of Jon Fahlander and Kirsty Jones who is a project manager at web development company called Zeald.

Jon is a perpetual student and “uberpreneur” who drives for Uber in the early mornings and weekends when he isn’t busy working on Class Republic stuff. He is also working on his phd in quantitative Sociology (ready any day now, he keeps saying) and is the one who will be picking up the phone if you give us a call.

Kirsty is the organizing principle behind everything. Yep. Everything. Which means that she also is the one that makes sure that everything in the Class Republic actually works as expected. She also has a Bachelor of Law (LL.B) and a Bachelor of Arts from Auckland University.

Zeald is one of New Zealands largest web development companies. It is based in Orewa, a small town north or Auckland and keeps getting voted the web development company of the year, year after year (after year).

Another important person is Poonam Pait. She is communication student at Unitec’s Mount Albert campus and is our first student representative. She helps us with all the social media stuff and by generally making sure that everything we do is just right.

We should also mention Andy Farr, a long term supporter and source of great inspiration, and the first person to help Jon developing the idea into something real. He used to be a graduate student at Massey Uni in Albany, but is now doing a post doc in the Netherlands.

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