So how does
Class Republic work?

Class Republic is built around two core ideas that makes it rather unique.

The first core idea is that every “class” is a
potential community. And when we say “class”, we mean it really, really, broadly. Like, how-big-is-space broadly.

In the Class Republic almost anything can be a class.

Thanks to our collaboration with the NZQA (thank you guys, we really appreciate it!), we have EVERY official qualification in New Zealand.

But, we actually want to include every student community out there, every student project, or random constellation of students, and so whether they meet every day for decades, never, or just once in a blue moon.

We want to include more student communities of today than there were kumbaya-circles in the 60s.

So, if you cannot find your community
(whatever it is), feel free to start a new class page, and it will be like any other student
community in the Class Republic.

The class page is where the soul of the class republic lives. It is the place to discuss
anything related to the class, ask members questions, send private messages, and even provide ratings or reviews of the class to help prospective students.

The second core idea is that students are really great and amazing people that really want to help each other if they get to do it on their own terms.

That is why we are letting each class be
represented by one of its own. As it is a Republic, we decided to call them Class Presidents. Class Presidents do not only get to lead and inspire their followers, but also get to effectively serve as the editor in chief of their class pages.

But why would anyone want to do that? Well because they are awesome (obviously) and want to help their community. But also because we might, just might, be giving them free stuff.


But, why? Don’t we have enough social thingies like this already?

OK, true. Point taken.

But the thing is this. Almost a third of all bachelor students never finish their degree.*

Imagine that in any other market.

Imagine, for example, that every third car  bought was abandoned without ever being used. Or that every third house built was never lived in.

Or that – to take something that really matters – every third beer ever ordered was poured down the drain?

For good reasons, there would be no end to the outrage. So somehow we need to help students make more informed educational choices. And that is our mission.

*See Radloff (2011) for a collection of studies on student engagement and retention.

So, why are students
jumping ship?

While some people might think it is because students cannot be bothered, we believe the opposite: That students drop out because they actually do care about what they are doing, and are looking for something more rewarding to do with their time.

The problem, we think, is that students don’t really know what they are choosing, when they are choosing where and what to study.

Think about it. Today most students have more information about which books to buy (amazon reviews…), or movie to see (rotten tomatoes, anyone?) than about which official qualification to enrol in.


the Class Republic?

Class Republic is the collaborative effort of its founder Jon Fahlander, and the web development company Zeald.

Jon Fahlander, is a NZ resident, long term student, and Swede, who lives north of Auckland with his partner and a cat. He is also the guy who would be picking up the phone if you were to call.

Zeald is one of New Zealands largest web development companies. It is based in Orewa, a small town north or Auckland and keeps getting voted the web development company of the year, year after year, after year.

The most important person at Zeald is Kaleb. He is the one responsible for  everything technical under the hood of Class Republic.

Another important person at Zeald is Miles. He is the project manager, that spends a lot of time thinking about how and what to actually build on the site.

We should also mention Andy Farr who was one of the first to help Jon developing the idea into something real.

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